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সহযোগী সংস্থা সম্পর্কে

Bangladesh NGO Foundation is a not for profit organization and mandated to take up socio- economic development activities and poverty alleviation initiatives through NGOs having previous experience of implementing similar programmes. BNF provides financial grants and need-based supports to develop their skills for stepping up such activities.


The Foundation follows a detailed but stringent procedure based on strict impartiality to provide grants to the NGOs. It invites applications in prescribed forms for disbursement of grants among registered NGOs always through open advertisement in national dailies. A sub-committee consisting of 05 members of the Governing Board shoulders the responsibility of sorting out & selection of prospective NGOs for providing grants under specific guidelines. The Organizations receiving funds from the Foundation are known as Partner Organizations (POs).


Bangladesh NGO Foundation provides financial grants to the Partner Organizations (POs) for implementing any field of social development sectors except only microcredit. Currently P.Os of BNF are implementing 30 activities like empowerment of women, WATSAN, education, health care, disabled development, afforestation, agriculture, pisciculture, income generation activities (like animal husbandry, training on sewing, vegetable cultivation), adolescence development, ICT, safe highway, awareness creation on HIV/AIDs, anti-drug campaign etc. BNF provides 20% overhead/administrative costs to the POs out of total disbursed grants for the programmes implementation. As a result POs of BNF can afford to meet office rent, appointment of staffs & messengers, expenses of phones, faxes, stationery, honorarium of executive director etc.


Simultaneously the Foundation has taken up programmes for development of skills of the personnel of the Partner Organizations (POs). At present the Foundation is running courses on Organization Development and Management for the Chief Executives of the POs; Maintenance of Accounts and Fund Management for the personnel of the Partner Organizations, who are responsible for maintaining accounts; and Monitoring and Evaluation for the Filed Workers. Besides, Partner Organizations may be engaged in implementation of special programmes.