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How to become a Partner Organization?
Bangladesh NGO Foundation is a not for profit organization and mandated to take up socio- economic development activities and poverty alleviation initiatives through NGOs having previous experience of implementing similar programmes. BNF provides financial grants and need-based supports to develop their skills for stepping up such activities.

The Foundation follows a detailed but stringent procedure based on strict impartiality to provide grants to the NGOs. It invites applications in prescribed forms for disbursement of grants among registered NGOs always through open advertisement in national dailies. A sub-committee consisting of 05 members of the Governing Board shoulders the responsibility of sorting out & selection of prospective NGOs for providing grants under specific guidelines.
An NGO will be disqualified for grants on any of the following grounds:
  • Did not submit the application on the prescribed form or did not attach the prescribed form with it.
  • It did not obtain registration from the respective agency of government at least three years back.
  • Does not have budget of its own and its activities have no relevance to bank accounts.
  • Not audited by an authorized audit firm for the last two years and latest report is not enclosed.
  • The chairman or chief executive of the NGO is an office bearer of a political party.
  • Activities are limited in only microcredit.
  • Photocopy of both side of National ID is not enclosed.
  • Previously the applicant NGO received donation from the Foundation.
  • If wrote “not applicable” in concern column of application form or any column remains blank (have to write “yes” or “no”.)
  • Copy of approved constitution and list of members of executive committee of the NGO are not enclosed. Meeting of executive committee and general committee of NGO are not held as per constitution.
  • Applied for grants out of the selected districts.
  • The proposed project is not acceptable.
  • The application is incomplete.
Priority will be given to the Programmes for:
  • backward working area
  • women, children and physically challenged
  • hardcore poor
  • far reaching health hazards viz arsenic problem
  • family planning and solar electrification in backward area.
  • Specially in order to reduce and control diabetes, creating popular campaign on merits of brown rice and flour and demerits of toxic chemical (formalin, calcium carbide etc.) foods/fruits intake and uses.
  • Natural calamity prone area.